Report about Abstraction

by Sebastian von Philipp

No doubt - Matthias Lermann's world greets the Observer in an abstract way. It is one of the most
important working processes in his Artistic Fictions and the recognition of this takes on a reliable
almost mathematical level by which one unconsciously and inevitably gains insight to the most
private Logic and their boundaries. Matthias Lermann's paintings lead to the interfaces and modules of
Abstraction.However not only are his Paintings dominated by rational association but rather by the
measurement of participation, to separate form from their language would be impossible because
one needs to comprehend the full intentions of the Artist. The well formulated thoughts are
transported non less equal to the sounds oa a Tonal Scale comphrehended and understood through such letters.

A dadaist joy overcomes me every time I see one of the color intense Paintings in front of me,
even if it may only be that smallest part of Matthias Lermann's Art but this tiny piece is viewed by me
as a whole entire unity of his artistic logic.

Those that think that they can understand logic by itself are led to the comparison between
Matthias Lermann and Carl Spitzweg. Spitzwegs style and observations are met with a deep love
by Matthias Lermann and here also begins the interaction with abstraction and representation.

Two Models of interpretation – One Dialog.